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The Smart RO is the ultimate water filtration, instant hot water system. Reverse Osmosis + UV + Alkaline Re-mineralise. Taste the difference!


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Revolutionizing the way you boil your water.

Hydrate filters Smart Reverse Osmosis system can reduce 1000+ harmful contaminants (99.99%), including Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead & other Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Chloramine, TDS, lime scale, VOCs, Nitrates, bacteria, parasites and much more. The alkaline (SC-N) filter addresses the low PH side effect of RO water and raises the PH value, which has been proven to be beneficial for your health.

Instant Heating, Multiple Temperature & Dispensing Volume Options – Along with room temp water, the Smart RO filter system provides heated water instantly. The heated temperature range is between 45°C – 100°C, great for making that perfect coffee or tea. It also features multiple volume options: 120ml,250ml,500ml and continuous dispensing. No more waiting for the jug to boil!

Safety feature Built in child lock for hot water dispensing.

Plug and use – Zero plumbing required.

Real time TDS, filter life and water quality monitoring.

Portable pitcher – provides water on-demand, with option of adding additional pitcher – keep one chilled in the fridge at all times.


NSF/ANSI 58 Certified and backed by a 2-year warranty.



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