About Us

We are dedicated to ensuring that clean and healthy water is within everyone's reach.

About Us

Our mission is to provide Kiwi households with access to clean and great tasting water.

At Hydrate Filters, we specialise in providing cutting-edge filtration systems designed to handle the myriad of contaminants found in New Zealand’s tap waters. Our solutions are the best in the business, covering everything from rust, silt, nitrates, chlorine and fluoride to name a few.

We understand the gravity of the challenges facing our communities, from widespread concerns over high chlorine levels to alarming cryptosporidium outbreaks prompting “boil water notices” in Queenstown. Moreover, the looming threat of nitrate contamination and its potential link to bowel cancer, further emphasise the urgency of our mission.

Our primary goal is to give regular Kiwis the power to manage the quality of their water. We believe in simplicity- from purchase to installation, we’ve streamlined every step to ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers.

At Hydrate Filters, we believe that water filtration isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. As W. H. Auden famously said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Join us in our mission to hydrate New Zealand, one tap at a time.

Why choose us?

Our Mission

Recognising water as the second most important component to our life after oxygen, our mission is to make clean water accessible to Kiwis, regardless of budget constraints. We offer a diverse range of water filters that eliminate contaminants from drinking water while preserving the essential natural nutrients vital for health and well-being. We believe that everyone deserves the assurance that they are drinking pure and impurity-free water.

Reducing Reliance on Plastic Water Bottles

An estimated 828 million single-use plastic bottles are thrown away each year in New Zealand—that's about 168 per person, or 3 a week per Kiwi. Plastic bottles now constitute one-third of all plastic pollution in the sea. Our goal is to reduce these numbers by providing Kiwis with advanced filtering systems that deliver clean, healthy, and safe water directly from your tap, 24/7. 

Quality You Can Trust

With a genuine passion for health and wellbeing, over the past 5 years, our founder Nick dedicated himself to researching New Zealand's water quality and extensively tested various filtration units. With a background in construction/utilities, he personally witnessed the suboptimal state of New Zealand's water supply network. Our water filters are highly advanced as per the current New Zealand market. Our cartridges are NSF/ANSI 42/53 certified, and we provide warranties on all our products under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Customer-Centric Approach

We never compromise on customer satisfaction because for us, it's not merely about selling products—it's about guaranteeing the health and safety of your family and loved ones. We're here to guide you through both the selection and installation process, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end. We are committed to earning your trust, providing you with healthy, clear, and better-tasting water every day.

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